August 2014

Hi there,

Well what a rotten start to the month. First of all it poured with rain on all of my walks. Then both Chris and mummy went out separately and left me on my own. They were both back by lunchtime, but then they both went out together leaving me at home again. Not fair is it. And then the very next day I ended up at the Vet’s place and had a jab. Yuk. I was also weighed again. Mmm . . . oh dear, I’d put on another 4kilos since last year and the vet said I had to go on a diet. What!? I expect it’s eating too much chicken. So after my tea I had just a small helping of meat from Chris’s Chinese dinner. Mummy didn’t give me any of hers. Anyway I’ve sort of put myself on a diet. I don’t always eat my breakfast, so that must help surely? Except one morning after getting wet againChris gave me some sardine with my breakfast kibble. Wow – I certainly ate that. What’s more I’ve gone off my biscuits and treats and only want the cheese flavoured ones now. Chris took the leftover ones to the pet shop for the charity box, so they weren’t wasted really.

Twice in two days we met Wills Lab and his mummy on our morning walks. His mum said that he’d recently had ’a little operation’ (you know the sort – where his, um, bits are removed), ouch. But he was doing ok and was back on his normal walks again. He’d been very good and not chewed the sore itchy parts. Best not to think about that really.

I was beginning to get bored again, because not much was happening in the ‘interesting going out’ stuff. Well blow me the very next day we went out early in the car. Yippee. As soon as we turned on to the main road I knew where we were going and started to bark. My humans said it was a bit early in the journey to be making that sort of noise. Anyway I expect you’ve guessed that we went to Anglesey again. I had a lovely run on the sand-dunes where I could smell lots of rabbits and lots of dogs too. Mummy was pleased to see loads of little blue butterflies. Then we drove to another place and shared ice-creams on the way. At this new place we all paddled in the sea and I swam for the very first time. It was great! As I hadn’t eaten my breakfast (again) before we left home I was given real fish (again) for my tea. Mm-mmm.

One day, when mummy had gone to see aunty Val, I took Chris along the cycle-path and down to the farm café. We didn’t have anything to eat this time though. Then we walked along ‘the green track’ back home. We just made it before mummy came in, so she didn’t know what we’d been up to.

Coo – I had some more sardine things for my breakfast one sunny morning – so much for the diet. And because it was a nice day I thought we might have gone out for the day, but we didn’t. Do you know what – my humans decided to do some painting! Pah. Anyway after lunch we did go out for a walk in Stanney Woods. By the time we got home the sky was black and it tried to rain. That was a lucky escape.

Well I’m really bored today. There’s not much happening at all. Yesterday we were out all day, so today is an anti-cli . . . ohh . . . a let down. We’d gone out in the car straight after breakfast. First stop was for a walk along a canal where I’d been a few times before. Then a drive in the rain, but it had stopped by the time we got out for another walk. That was great. We were on top of some hills and it was really windy. We could see for miles and miles. Much nearer to us were plenty of sheep, so I had to stay on the lead. Luckily the wind blew the sheep smells away. We walked by a funny circle of stones – not seen that before. Then I was left to look after the car for a little while whilst Chris & mummy looked at yet another house. There’s no end to it. Come on, sort yourselves out. Mummy explained that if someone bought our house then we could move to the country. Yes, yes – just get on with it then.

The very next morning, it was still night really, I was rudely awakened from my slumbers when Chris got up, made a drink and then went out, leaving me in bed. It was still dark. What a disturbance. It seemed hours later, (it was), that mummy got up to take me for my morning ablutions. We had breakfast together as usual and then she started messing up the house. Everything off the table was stuffed into cupboards, out of sight. My bed had a shake outside. Next that horrible noisy machine came out of its hiding place under the stairs. I even had to don my posh scarf. Soon some more strange people came to look round the house and garden. All that work for a five minute visit. I didn’t like being made to stay in my bed, but I’ve been a bit snappy of late. You could say ‘in the doghouse’. Anyway all was made better when they had gone, because mum packed a bag with my biscuits and water things. We went down the cycle track into the next village and arrived at the farm just in time for lunch. Ha! For our journey back home we walked along the road into the village. Mum said that if the bus came we might get on it for the rest of the trip back. Good job we didn’t wait because we didn’t see any sign of it all the way home.

Well that’s all folks.

Bye for now.

Alfie xxx