April 2014

Well Hello,

What a funny time it’s been lately. First I’m getting up a bit earlier every day; then I get my tea later. Well, apparently it’s not actually later, but it feels like it because I’ve been up longer. Then one hot afternoon I was actually left at home for over an hour. And the very next day I went out somewhere with Chris, dropping mummy off at auntie Elizabeth’s on the way. At lunchtime I had a really long walk in a new place and then went to auntie Elizabeth’s again on the way home and had to go in that strange moving box again.

For my breakfast next day Chris had especially made me some scrambled egg, but I was too tired to eat it – that’s a laugh!  And I didn’t eat it all day, not even for lunch. So I had my tea a bit earlier to make up for it. Then Chris got up one morning at the crack of a sparrow’s whatsit and went out leaving me in bed. When mummy got up she had her breakfast before taking me out, so it was late when I was given my brekky and then I didn’t want it. I’m all of a do-da ‘cos my timetable has gone doolally. Of course I ate it eventually, but by then it was nearly lunchtime. And mummy was fed up because it was raining again and she couldn’t do anything in the garden. Huh, these humans can be confusing can’t they?

Hey, isn’t it great having lighter evenings? Often I take my humans on a longer walk because it’s lighter. One evening I took mummy round passed the Rugby Club and across the cow meadow. It wasn’t as muddy as we thought it would be and there were no cows to be seen.                     After my evening walks I go back out to the garden instead of going to bed. Sometimes I have a little nap out there and only come in when I have to, and my humans shut my door, and even then I don’t always get onto my cushion, but lie down by the door.

Do you remember last year I mentioned the ewes with the coloured bottoms? Well, they’ve got lambs now, so mummy was right after all. I wonder how she knew.

Sheep One Sheep Two

Phew, just been playing with Squeaky and I’m puffed out now. It’s good fun though. I charge about and shout a lot. I get told off for making so much noise, but mummy sticks up for me by saying it’s all part of the fun. Yesterday Chris was out and so for lunch mummy and I ate beans on toast together!

It’s great when we all do things together, but I soon get bored and fed up when nothing’s happening. Mummy thinks I should still be working because I haven’t really taken to this retirement lark. I prowl about a lot, go into the garden for a bit, and then a few minutes later come back in again.  No sooner have I settled down than I get up and go outside again, muttering under my breath. Mummy did wonder if I was poorly, but I’m fine when I’m busy. She tries to take my mind off it by giving me a brush or something, but I soon get fed up with that and stalk off again. They keep saying I should go and do the shopping and fetching and stuff like that, but that’s silly isn’t it? I know how to fetch Squeaky, but not much else. I know mummy would like to have a trailer made for me to pull, but there’s no sign of one yet, thank goodness.

One day we went out in the car to do some errands. We went on to a place called Farndon on the river and I had a lovely run off the lead. Then mummy wanted to go to a garden centre, but couldn’t find what she wanted (no change there then) so on the way home we went back to the river for another walk in the opposite direction. What a great day I had! That night I tried hiding my sweets under the gravel with my nose. Sometimes I do it with my biscuits as well. I even try to hide them under my cushion sometimes. Why have I started doing this? No-one else is going to eat them.

Another day, mummy went out for a while and then Chris went out. I was having a brush when he came home and then we all went out in the car together – to the woods, yeah! Then we went briefly to another garden centre and for a drive to Parkgate. There I was left in the shade in a car park, but a few minutes later Chris came back for me and we found mummy sitting at a table in the sunshine. Chris then disappeared into the shop and I started whining. Granddad at the next table said “Oh dear, the boss has gone and left him” and mummy said “Yes, the world has come to an end!”. Later on we went for a walk along the promenade and then down onto some squidgey stuff which seemed to float on water. I found something really stinky to roll in and had to have half a bath when we got home. Chris said the car smelled horrible.

One day some people came to look at the house, when it was really time for my walk. So Chris took me out while mummy stayed at home. After they’d gone mummy came in the car to pick us up. I get a bit stiff these days and don’t always feel like jumping into the back of the car. No amount of Chris calling could persuade me to get in. Mummy was sitting in the front with the door open, so I scrambled in there with her and sat on her feet, with my front paws on her knees!  Mummy said it was a good job we weren’t just setting off for a holiday in Cornwall. Luckily we didn’t have very far to go to reach home, because I wasn’t all that comfortable really.

Another day, when some people were coming, I had to have my tea early. Then, after they’d gone, I had even more tea of some real fish. Wow!   A week or two later I had loads of different food in one day. First of all mummy gave me tinned fish for breakfast. Then for my tea Chris gave me the meat out of a steak pie (in ale!), followed by some more real fish, because my humans had fish and chips for tea. I think I’m spoiled, don’t you? Ah, I so love my food.

A couple of days later we went to some new place for an afternoon walk. It was called Burton Woods. First of all I met three dogs with a lady. One was a young German Pointer with a lamp-shade on her head, because she’d had an operation on her eye. Then much later we came across two humans with . . . twelve Collies between them, and all rescued dogs! Eleven of them were black and white ones, and the last one was pale red and called Sandy. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they all came charging through the trees like a pack of little wolves. Chris kept hold of my collar because he didn’t trust me to behave myself. I was rather outnumbered twelve against one.

I’ve seen quite a few squished rabbits lately, especially baby ones, and lots of live ones too running about the fields. I’ve been very good and only looked at them and not chased them. Talking of fields – the ones that had recently been ploughed have since been planted, and in less than two weeks have turned green. That’s very clever, isn’t it. Of course it definitely means I can’t play in them now. Phooey.

I can’t think of any more just now, so I’ll say Cheerio for now.

Lots of love & wags from Alfie