April 2015

Hey, did you know that I’ve been to the big airport with Chris?  I think I forgot to mention it last time, I was running late. Anyway, whilst we were there he took me for a lovely walk along the Bollin Valley. It goes along the river and I had great fun sniffing all those new smells. I only met one other dog too.

One day I thought we were going out in the car at lunchtime, but the humans decided to do a bit of gardening first. Ppfff. Any road, they only did a bit then we went to Thurstaston Beach, except the water was over the sand, so we had to walk along the old railway track instead. I didn’t mind, because they are both interesting. But, d’you know what, as I was getting out of the car mummy went to speak to the man next to us and kept me waiting.  She said she could hear me grumbling while she was talking to him. Well, in his van he had four dogs! One old black Labrador with a whitish face; one white small thing; and TWO HUGE NEWFOUNDLANDS, one was only two years old. The man said that the Newfies were shown at Crufts and stuff . . . eeuuu!!  They’d just been for a romp in the sea. Apparently it takes four hours to bath and groom them. Crikey! And I complain at half an hour’s job.

Later on we went to a place quite nearby, called Thurstaston Hill, which is a sandstone ridge. The ground is mostly rocky but with wind-blown rough bits – good for tripping you up and going headlong down on the nose. Ouch!  Chris and mummy had a little sit down on a bench to enjoy the view over The Wirral and the sea beyond. Whilst I was behaving myself and minding my own business, two Pointers came right up to me so I growled horribly at them. One was called Oliver and he sniffed my bottom. I do wish they wouldn’t do that.  When we got home mummy did a bit more gardening, whilst I huffed and puffed waiting for Chris to get my tea.

One day we all went In the car to the Bluebell café. And whilst mummy was waiting for her sandwich to be made, she took me for a walk in the woods close by. Been there, done that, etc., but on the way back I decided to run on ahead back to Chris. However on the way I got distracted by something. I could hear mummy calling me, but I was too busy to take notice. Eventually I got back to their table and mummy was already there, looking a bit worried, and heading towards the woods again. Phew, that was a close shave.

We went to Hawarden woods again another day because mummy wanted to buy some plants from a nearby Garden Centre. As we crossed that big field again, we came across a lovely big ball, which I managed to carry in my big mouth. My humans said I looked just like a puppy.

Later that week everything went a bit funny for a while. At bedtime Chris said that I had to be good and look after mummy tomorrow.   The next morning he got up really early, opened my door, and was off before I had a walk or he even got my brekky ready.  Anyway, soon mummy got up and I thought I might still get an early breakfast.  D’you know what . . . she ate her own, but didn’t give me any. Odd, although I still hadn’t been for a walk.   She donned her blue wellies and off we went. She took me along the track to Belle Vue Cottage, where we met the three little dogs who lived there, just going out for their walk. We passed the cottage and worked our way along a really narrow bit of track to a stile. I can get under this one ok. Then we walked all the way round both fields, which were empty of cattle still, through the stile at the other end and up towards the road by the Rugby Club. Instead of turning towards home, we turned the other way. Uh, what is going on?  Then I found out.  We arrived at the vets place. Luckily for me mummy said it was too early for them to be open, so we turned round and headed for home. I wonder what all that was about. Whatever it was, I got away without any trouble, that day.

The very next day I had lots of lovely walks and no more was said about the vets. We went along the canal at lunchtime, and then drove miles to a shop for some more gardening stuff. Then we drove more miles to a flour mill. The humans left me guarding the car for a bit then took me for another walk along the little river that ran beside the mill and over a big wheel – the water did, not us. When we got home the humans did some gardening before getting my tea.  This reminds me, I’m having some different food now. It’s for older dogs and has turkey and rice in it. I quite like it.  Mummy wanted fish and rice but could only find fish with potato. POTATO – no thanks!

We were only saying the other day that we hadn’t seen Maddie Boxer for a while, and then we did. She had been very poorly for quite a while. She gets some nasty thing in her skin which is caused with stress. STRESS! A Boxer with stress?!

Next thing I knew we were going on holiday. I had no idea that was being planned; although I’d had some of that tick stuff put on the back of my neck only a week or two before. We stayed in a funny little house on wheels that didn’t go anywhere and it was right next to an airfield!  It was all on one level inside but there were some steps I had to climb to get in it. Sometimes after a busy day I struggled to get up them and so had to use my car-ramp to help. At night it was freezing cold and I had to use a duvet thing just for myself. A couple of times I shared a bed with the humans but there wasn’t enough room for all of us.

I had lots of walks round the orchards nearby, for my general walks and then we went round and about looking for different places to go. Some of the places had styles that I couldn’t get through, but one had a lift up thing making room for dogs. That was good wasn’t it.  One hot day we went for a walk along a river and twice I sneaked in for a swim. It was great.  Another day we went to visit an old friend of mummy’s. She was very nice. She had one of those houses that are all on one level and it had a huge garden for me to relax in. I made myself quite at home there.

Alfie enjoyed his swim

The next day a very nice lady in the airfield café gave me a whole sausage to myself. I’d been for a lovely walk in some woods by another river – no swimming that time – and was ready for a treat. My humans had ice creams, but I didn’t want any.

I think I’m going to end on a downbeat day. I’ve been stuck indoors ALL DAY, except for my walks. There have been three men here mending the garage roof and had their stuff all over the garden. So there was no room left for me, and it was lovely and sunny with a cool breeze. Just how I like it.

Bye everyone.

Alfie xxx.